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verbal tech – babygirl lyrics


verse :

that is the sh-t i told to your mom
take you to ‘merica to coast and the sun
take you to beach house and to the fun
said to your mama i’m never going to run
that is the sh-t that i told to your dad
gonna be good and love you like that
build a big house and give you a cat
new york city and a roof top flat
that is the sh-t that i promised to you
gonna love you forever i’m gonna stay true
show you some places give you some new
i know i did lie but it sounded so cool
i remember i said i’m never going to change
i know that i did and i do not feel shame
just wipe out your tears girl love is a game
that’s what i do i’m just chasing the fame
now your mama wants me to be dead
your daddy wanna k!ll me in my bed
you wanna see me choke on the bread
i’m out here making this money instead
i’m just going wild upon of those drums
i’m making my way up to those millions
the bullsh-t i do is just k!lling em
you call me a d-ck i’m just having fun
now mama falling down she’s starting to cry
daddy’s breaking down he’s hating that guy
girl left a note was saying goodbye
cos the baby girl died, cos the baby girl died
now everybody’s gone everybody’s sad
every one is in black everybody’s mad
everybody’s going crazy everybody is down
i am going numb cos i am chasing the crown