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vi seconds – 2015 lyrics


as of late a lot of n-gguhs sleeping on me
n-gguhs hate but never try creeping on me
so i wait n-gguhs hate up but their are heats are on me
i rate cause they think but they speak with harmy
nope you’ll never see the day i’m fazed
i’ll let j.r get the play by play
when i whoop that -ss if you aim my way
cause i’m handlin’ you n-gguhs on a day by day
i’m from the city of cold stares and cold steel
i’m colder than they you k!lled you cats
whenever the cold’s here
i’ve been grinding to accomplish all of my missions
rap didn’t recognition they want me to come up missing
so i’m maintaining distance
i might have to end up gripping when whipping
they’ll see my business chase after my winnings
my emblems many wallets and everything that’s within them
and the major thing that k!lls them is i’m a symbol of wisdom
i got food
n-gguhs wanna take off of my plate
and i got the biggest smile n-gguhs want off of my face
and i got fan letters n-gguhs want out of my sp-ce
but it’s what a worked for boy so stay in your place
bite off way more than you can chew
when contemplating coming at me target in the shoe
cause i’ve never been one to take a threat lightly
get high-fie develop a bomb with the bottom of my boots boy
i know imma lead i’ll take time to address y’all
cause it’s never been an objective to impress y’all
but it seems like my success seems to stress y’all
so then y’all n-gguhs i might as well dress y’all
p-ssed off cause i’m buzzin’ now
pistol with the m-ffled sound
now barking with no bite i suggest you get muzzled now
cause i’m not the one so take this as my word son
use my solo walk to bed or rest i’m the learn from
n-gguhs sneak dissin’ on twitter
i get on facebook a hundred fifty n-gguhs bitter
trynna x me out cause i’m trynna be a winner
callin’ out my typos like these n-gguhs are in sinners
i set the helping hand to a couple of other fellers
with attempt of promoting growth and making their lives better
but at last they get in their fields and whatever is whatever
n-gguhs get upset and choose to express their bad weather
i call someone my homie trynna help them get some touchdowns
he gets upset by something then his real feels come out
i’m at a point where i just wanna be peaceful
i ain’t got the time to sit and stress about pity people
i’m ’bout to get my foot in the door and straight end sh-t
so with that being said i ain’t stressing a fake friendship ever
now back to my fans
learn that sometimes you’ll have to show your back to your mans
cause the same n-gguhs who gat will be quick to call you a zero
though you stacking your de niro and to someone you’re a hero
i ain’t never been a vlogger i give my life to my music
and i motherf-ckin’ livin’ deny the fact that i do this!
i’m over givin’ everyone my trust paw
that’s just my 2015 dust fall
but the year’s looking aight i can’t deny
i got plans to execute and things i must supply
so check if you one of my god bodies
ever slowing down there’s something i will not acky
my god bodies are mobb deep we never been no shook ones
the demigod stepping up
this year’s gon’ be a good one