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vi seconds – the gawd lyrics


i once felt like pac up in juice (up in juice)
and it made n-gg-s watch when i’m speaking
(when i’m speaking)
then i made a couple moves
(couple moves)
now i feel like cam k!ller season
i feel like rico in paid in full
(paid in full)
n-gg-s get shot everyday, b
l-l, moving c-ke by the table
fall in too deep
i’m the god and you’re ’bout to hate me

this is the moment i’ve always been waiting for (yes)
i’m putting an end to all of the n-gg-s you managed to save before (yes)
i look up to god and say: “i love your forgiveness”
’cause once i’m done k!lling these n-gg-s i swear ain’t noone gonna forgive this
i’ve been sitting and all of these artists were causing my irritation
i got impatient
now i will be stopping the future’s for doing their imitations
what, b-tch? i’m late to the party?
i give a f-ck about an invitation
don’t wanna die behind these bars? then start giving statements
you won’t find a better flow
got a magazine and making center, foe
pulling y’all swings, while i’m sonning y’all n-gg-s
got me feeling like [?]
jericho fist – break the walls down
all your accolades – take ’em all down
break your jaw – you were spitting through the wire
let it rain – sh-lls all fall down

it’s like i’m finding any means to hurt y’all
get surrounded by the gang – fifty n-gg-s deep
and so much sh-t will never worldstar
i’m a whole different breed
whole different league
for warm-up i fold limousines
set me off? i don’t gotta start one
i’ll just turn this to a whole different scene

little n-gg-s you’re my daughters
anybody tryin’ to hook me getting fished out of the water
who’ harder?
i’m the coldest of composers with the schemes
chilling in a blizzard i am beethoven on the keys, uh!
i am michelangelo with stone
i am tyson in the ring
so progressive with the flow
better hope you have insurance if i spot you at your job
for trying to box with me – you’ll be boxing with god
spitting fire b-lls – hadouken
get your upper cut – shoryuken
asking who can get it – all you can
get covered red – all you’ ken
unload, reload
you’re safest bet is just to run when it pop
hearts gonna stop
you done f-cked up – like you done feel in love with a thot
rewiring your spinal cord
– you don’t die you then you get your back st-tched
i’m not the n-gg- you’re -ssuming that i am
walking around like a catfish
all you’ve seen is the outfit
admiring the god – gazing at the fly
taking notes to be a pupil
after having looked a k!ller in his eyes

thriller dance with the bagger by my side
first i clap it then i [?] with a slide
now i’m back and you’re ’bout to feel the wrath it came in
you can get it by the line [?]
can’t n-body say that i’ve ever been average – for the cabbage
put a knife in your forehead – 21 savage
feel my calling from stopping my stomach rumbling
now my pocket’s fat
and my wallet got a double-chin
humble him? f-ck you all
off you to stay stable
pull the trigger – let it burn
like kelso at the table
showing you all that i’m in another tier
never will you see me drop another tear
never will you see me show another fear
ain’t another n-gg- running my career
but i’m taking yours right into the dirt
p-ssing right into the earth
i don’t give a f-ck what you n-gg-s’ worth
fully loaded and i’m giving you this work
beloved – i’ve been the coldest motherf-cker ’round my city
i love it – ’cause ain’t another other n-gg- really f-cking with me
get in mine you’ll be leaving with a ruptured face
once i slam your body through a table like bubba ray
i let a lot of n-gg-s live this year
’cause they up and vanished the moment they thought to make a disappear
everybody getting chewed, b-tch – you know what i’m ’bout
i’m that dude taking food out of your mouth
starving for your placement
and i’m coming forth with a ratchet
all you gon’ hear is kura-ra-ra
got desiigner on the ad-lips
prepping all you n-gg-s for your caskets
got a wide variety of sizes
while everything i touch turn to gold
haven’t learned that my touch is midas
now i’m out here with a rolley on me
and a million n-gg-s try to roll up on me
’cause i got a model chilling rolling for me
but i’m holy, son – i’ll leave you holey, homie
forty on me and a 40 40 n-gg- looking with a funny glance
put this cap into the sky – make ’em disappear
i’ll leave ’em leaning like the smoney dance
now that i’m back, b-tch
i’m kicking my feet up and causing a ruckus
shooting the wings off every b-tterfly right in your stomach
– that i’ve been causing
speaking my name better do with caution
[?] no pauses
[?] live wires i’m sparking
never really had an interest in talking
gotta [?] apartment
heartless vultures coming for your carc-ss
empty the catridge – what are you r-t-rded?
thinking imma ever operate lethargic
broad man better [?] like martin
won’t be no sh-t- you don’t start it
otherwise your brain all on your carpet

what a way to decorate the living room
by showing you, you just ran out of living room
a mad villian and i’m bringing doom to this whole genre
you all gon’ see me making a k!lling soon
profiting body bags
– whenever i’m feeling my lips will never be sealing
i’m fly – you’ll never be ceiling
scar on your face – i’ll never be sealed in
you’ll never have my approval – i’ll never be sealin’
punch drunk – i’ll never be reeling
don’t force the revealing of what i’m concealing
the steel i use for the stealing of everything that you work for
i bust forth – and you’ll get torn from your world tour or get torned up on your tour bus for more bucks
feeling like i ain’t from here
what you think i’m coming for the world for?
that new potent sn-tching [?]
like i’m c-ke dealing
you wanna hang? i’ll make a rope ceiling
new banana you better hope for peeling
folks who get choked when i’m laughing
’cause you broke even though none of your jokes’ appealing
tony stark with a loud pack – the iron smokes
brooklyn to the death of me
and to home i’m the hulk – to bring the crown
so i’m in this b-tch rumbling
new lil uzi you don’t want to hear mumbling
you ain’t cooking like me – my recipes’ wild
wiping in the kitchen – breaking up like destiny’s child
pride or envy – i’m rich as remy buxaplenty
putting leg work – can’t n-body say my top is heavy
move with it or i’m moving through you
you’re looking at the god
now allow me to introduce him to you