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vic mensa – hunger flow, vol. 2 intro [freestyle] lyrics


[verse 1]
introducing mr. controversy, mensa caught case after case
i need a lawyer in the booth for every statement i make
yo just, how these f+cks act like i ain’t from that place
where body bags zip you up your face, as if you bathing with apes
shout pharrell, i’m god body, i think i made the human race
‘cause i articulate my pain in a way that you relate
everybody got opinions but i got the b+lls to share ‘em
that could get a n+gga k!lled, like a call from a karen
but still, i peel off in mclaren
talking to my therapist, he say i’m suffering from my carelessness
but i was just hustling for my parents
when you don’t know the depths of poverty
the family of my fathers [scene]
working in ghana for 15 dollars a week
and they don’t know ghostface and [?], the god is me
the idiocy in y’all to think i could ever be folded
by internet cancel culture, i’ve been in the d+mn with vultures
walk through the land of lions, i swam through the piranhas
bury me in my golds like i’m king tutankhuman
far as chicago rhyming, i’m the extension of common
got arrested with my iron, ain’t that sh+t ironic?
i’m batsh+t i promise been on every medication
then i realized the antidepressants made me crazy
me and chano [?] ghost
he like patrick and i’m swayze, ‘cause my b+tch erica know how to get a bag lately
and i had it bad lately, i was a cell like max b but i’m mad wavy i know the master hate me
‘cause i can’t be confined my mind defies mental slavery
n+ggas can’t touch the kid y’all allow kevin sp+cey
[verse 2]
southside poet [?] i’m [?] in delorean
back from the future to catch you slippin’ like freudian
political lobbying from project where i be loitering
[?] from abu dhabi in paris ordering
caviar with the baked potato and the truffle b+tter
my words like birds, so of course, i’ma ruffle feathers
consider for a second if the key well connected it’s 27, i could make that in 47 seconds
and we forever steppin’ my n+ggas slidin’ on toosie
high like coke cheese, score like the fugees
watch the game out the frame the way kareem abdul see
i know n+ggas been shooting 20 years like coodie
i’m a g+nius, my tongue hotter than jalapeño
hallelujah, i’m the [?] like the king of [?]
my n+ggas move base by the key [?]
only got five fingers but i’m with them six ringers
championship status [?] in paris
got the game by the throat from what i spoke out of my larynx
them thangs that you wrote sound gangsta like clarence
but we of a different cloth, you fabricate your appearance
y’all fake i’m the realist my truth is well documented
i don’t like the way you twitter n+ggas treated ari lennox
god body on prison calls with 5 percenters
my flow is deadly like fety inside syringes
rest in peace michael k. williams, pray for his children
like a bomb in ukraine, we just raised down the building
it’s justin credible that mean we lifting off
i spit rounds like the typical [?]