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vic spencer - the glory lyrics


[verse 1: tree]
i’m not no new rapper
i don’t do food rapping
n+ggas is too active
we gon’ play who got you
who shot you, who shot you, who shot you up
and they like
dude got you, dude got you, dude got you
lucky n+gga you
i been to london i been to compton
i been in sh+t over nothing
i’m eddie ruffin
i might not show up in concert
f+ck ‘em
i’m on reflective
let ‘em
n+ggas be flexing
bet ‘em
i’m at the westin, [?]
i dmx ‘em
and what if i went to the army like my father taught me
one day [?] was headed out west
six am
everyday off to [?]
went and got him a new fix
that way yes
that way
i got the glory
i got the glory

[verse 2: vic spencer]
i’m gonna get you and flip you
speed up thе pace, give me a brеak
get on your own and fix you a plate
safe filled with the bag, k!lling their ass
book me a flight, deal with jet lag, sh+t wasn’t bad
look at all the sh+t
look at the chicks then look at my d+ck
then booked them on a trip
trick in the mix (babe)
f+ck me a b+tch in the lift
wrapping the spliff, tripped, fell on my ass
got my ass up, hopped in the jag
speeding off
the duffel of gems we did off
feel my exhaust
paid what it cost don’t need to floss
shooting the charm off your chain
i am to blame
i can’t be tamed
we ain’t the same
trees on the train
red line, if you see me its dead time
f+ck about fed time, i been living on edge now
n+gga make me spill his yak on my two hundred dollar suit
and imma shoot

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