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victor ly – roxana the dreamer lyrics


there are dreamers across america
and they all have their own dreams
some wish they could be movie stars
others just want to survive, it seems
where have you gone?
has your dream been drawn?
it’s not that she thinks
that no one understands her
it’s just that she knows
that no one wants to try
and it’s not that she’s alone
for she’s surrounded by people
but she feels nothing but loneliness
the world has given up on her
roxana isn’t pessimistic
she’s actually quite the opposite
if you know her you would agree

she would fight and never quit
everyday, her dad takes her money
to buy more booze for himself
‘i can recycle beer bottles for money’
she constantly tells herself
her mom tells her she’s useless
but roxana just smiles to herself
she continues to say she’s blessed
‘at least i still have my health’
where have you gone?
has your dream been drawn?
last week roxana left her home
the home she’s known for 15 years
i’m not sure to where she’s roamed
but i know she hasn’t dropped a tear
thousands of girls leave their homes
with hopes of achieving their dreams
roxana also has a dream of her own
but her dream is just to leave home