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violent j – somethin’ underground lyrics


[intro: violent j & sh+ggy 2 dope]
“ay, dog”
“ay, man” +bark+
“somebody told me i could hear+” +bark+
“man, put your dog upstairs”
“shut up”
“go lay down!”
“somebody told me i could hear blaze on this sh+t” +bark+
“ay, play some, uh”

[verse 1: violent j & sh+ggy 2 dope]
it’s like fo’ thirty in the mornin’, (some of that, uh) [?] f+ckin’ borin’
(rydas) everyone around me is snorin’
i’m on the websites lookin’ up p+rnographics
plastic freakazoids with air+brushed graphics
hit the juggalo sites, ninjas love the new twiztid
and my sh+t! cl!ck here in case you missed it
hatchet radio, and they don’t play no shady hoes
it ain’t about tours, tv’s, or videos
it’s about tunes, hotter than the sand dunes
radio is straight p++p with commercial perfumes
look to the underground, they the dumbest around
they all listenin’ to pink while we puttin’ it down
juggalos knows what’s up, (ho) stab your guts up (yo)
i’m cuttin’ ryan seacrest until he shuts up (oh)
my name is violent j of icp
and if you ain’t bumpin’ hatchet radio, you don’t know me
[chorus: violent j & sh+ggy 2 dope]
somethin’, +bark+ (“what up, though?”) play me somethin’
wicked underground
“put your f+ckin’ dog away, man!”
“hey, get off my dog!”
“motherf+ckers can hear that comin’ through!”
somethin’, +bark+ play me somethin’ (“go lay down!”)
wicked underground
“put your dog away, dog” +bark+
“hatchet radio, what’s up on some k!lla?”
“go lay down!”

[verse 2: violent j & sh+ggy 2 dope]
hatchet motherf+ckin’ freestyles, we smoke weed piles
and p+ss all over radio dials
you hear that esham? sh+t, you might hear the calm
we ’bout to blow this b+tch, sound the alarm
my name is big beamin’, by myself i’m tag teamin’ (big beam?)
you wanna spend a day in my head, (+laughs+) you dreamin’
i wanna hear a little jumpsteady if them punks ready
because he shreds your brain like spaghetti sauce
big boss, (boss) lavel got a couple tunes
internet ninjas bumpin’ in they bedrooms
we the clown play, kick you with my wooden leg
your f+ckin’ pumpkin will explode like an egg (fresh)
i don’t wanna hear no brian ignite
and all that dave matthews band, uptight, f+ck that
play me somethin’ that makes me wanna murder my neighbor
hit me with the hatchet flavor, come on
[chorus: violent j & sh+ggy 2 dope]
somethin’, +bark+ (“you need to play my sh+t”) play me somethin’
+bark+ wicked underground
“i’m about to punch your f+ckin’ dog in the face, man”
“don’t touch him. he’s old”
somethin’, +bark+ play me somethin’ +bark+ (“go!”)
wicked underground +bark+
“get outta here!” +bark+
“hatchet radio!” “leave him alone.”
somethin’, +bark+ play me somethin’ +bark+
wicked underground
“ay, joe. this song f+cking sucks, dog. just sayin'”
somethin’, (“ha ha ha”) play me somethin’ +bark+
wicked underground +bark+
“you actually think you sound fresh?”
“i think so”
“the dog sounds better than you”