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violet houses – keys to the horse lyrics


[intro: fresh violet]
i got the keys, aye
i got the keys, what?
i got the keys, uh

[verse 1: fresh violet]
when i want something then i take – ay
nothing ever handed on a plate – ay
working on my craft till i have the last laugh
it’s my time so i’m not gonna wait
when i’m on the mic i never stutter – ay
bitter betty bought a bit of b-tter – ay
started from the bottom in a gutter then i made my way
that’s word to ya mother
word to your daddy, young girl is a baddy
hitting that green no caddy
got the keys to the masi
got me feelin so happy
i’m a b-tch so they calling l-ssie -ay
i got the cheese and the sauce
i got the keys to the horse
i get the frequent applauses
i am the girl they endorse
light years ahead with the force
looking so state of the art
i make them say oh my gawd
now they are all in my yard
cos i made the mistake of making a milkshake
and kicking it like krav maga

[chorus: card houses]
make our own way out, way out
summer setting on your town
never see about it
steeple only crowdin’
homin’ in i found it
drop a thousand miles and countin’

[verse 2: card houses]
drop it like the middle of a planet
swapping in a little bit of matter
closet is a bit aristocratic
but i’m swimming in the vatican
and padding with mannequins
and listening to static
if you’re looking for me
ask the switching board
for hemingway
doin’ benihanas in my roller skates
antimatter fascinator
matching with the calibrator
madam in the saddle
riding on an alligator
mama-say mama-sa mama-coo-sa
i got my shades pulled down
in my uncle’s car
don’t need a pencil
cause i only do quantum bars
man, the battalion always
got the je ne sais quoi
emitting gamma radiation
like sag a star
a lot of samples on this track
but the snare’s real sp-rs-
deoffilis slis-sla
your fantasy smizmar
confetti calisthenics
hitting up on your sim card