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viralgab – maybewewillworkitout lyrics


open your eyes and tell if it feels right
you make me cut till i die by midnight
you say you love me but i know its a lie
3am missing you then i start to cry
i’m going through a feeling and its hard to explain
but when you see me baby my heart is feeling pain
forever alone that’s a full time fact saying i will stop but
i open another pack
just tell me what you really feel make me have a pill
sadness is taking over but my head is rarely sober cuz i’m falling for you baby i’m honest , breaking my heart but sudden i’m hanging in a forest
haven’t been happy in long
the only way i express my self is writing this song
maybe we will work it out

(dhan in the background)

verse 2
i’m on the floor thinking about you
getting happy when will i go through
starting to think i’m hopeless can’t find the right one get ready
the roses yeh
im alone , alone , alone
look at my scars then look at the bone
stressing out like mad people think i’m really bad , how about i just die sad
cuz i wanna fall in love with the right one now , be happy how?
and i know i’m gonna die of pain nothing changes cry like rain ay
take my love break it full on hate it ay ay ay

maybe we will work it out