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vita et mors – let me go lyrics


just leave me to my phone
i don’t mind being alone
seeds are being sown
yea i’m plotting on the throne
i don’t need your flirty att-tude to feel worthy
just please let me be, lord have mercy!
i’m not falling for your tricks like the other guys
cause you seem to think that any mark will wanna spread your thighs
that stuck-up schtick will always hold you back
but you’re the kinda girl that complains when no one’s got your back
nah, i’m not impressed by your looks
you’re used to being stared at, leaving dudes shook
your beauty’s only skin deep
so when a real man comes, don’t be flipping out when he looks like you’re a piece of meat
and h-ll yea i got a fear of ya
for all that time you spend in the mirror i think you need to look in the mirror
and leave me be

let me go
and just leave me be
just let me go

my family says to let you go
i can’t leave you, you’ve been there, helped me grow
back from second grade up to the present day
you taught me how to be my own, and help me cope
taught me to be ruthless, taught me to be honest
i used to think it fruitless, but now to be honest
i think i’ve got a shot at you, i can’t p-ss it up
cause guys like myself always get want we want

a mother figure’s what you used to be
but now i’ve grown, i think you’re getting used to me
my sk!lls have sharpened up, we’re different than we used to be
and you’re still the best match for me, truthfully

and if i can’t have you…
just let me go