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​vnmpire – ​fangs lyrics


still smoking on your dead mans, n+gga in my f+ckin’ lungs
how you slipped up? p+ssy n+gga, you get f+ckin’ hunt
run up [?] with a .40, hundred round drum
and my whole squad full of k!llers, you get f+ckin’ stomped
y+you is not my mans, lil’ n+gga, you can’t hang with us
you can hold the clip, n+gga, you not gonna shoot with us
if you wanna hang then you best be ready to die for us
if we go and catch a f+ckin’ body, better lie for us
n+gga, i’m a rockstar in the motherf+ckin’ flesh
if you wanna try to k!ll me, you better try your best
yeah, i’m finna take [?], to the test
if i put a gun to your head, what you finna [?]
[?] smoking thrax
[?], stop the cap
and i’m f+ckin’ on your lil’ shawty, yeah, she throw it back
and i’m countin’ straight bands, yeah, i feel like [?]
and i got your shawty over here, i’m finna break her back