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voiddweller – old lyrics


my health fails, my body degrades
this brain in a jar, sp-wn of magnetic tape
confined online no f-ckin face to face
trying to download a friend off pirate bay
isolated and depressed, restless up late
brain strained, can’t think or see straight
joints grind out of line vertebrae
i go to bed and hope that i never awake
i’ve short circuited, blown fuse, pure worthlessness
gps offline, i feel purposeless
just me versus stress and thats no contest
sit like livestock waiting to be proceeded
stuck. i feel it in my throat
head down cause i own no hope
confirm my own death hoax , on snopes
cause i’m not living right now, i just exist to mope
and feel old , 22 joints calcified
homemade mummy add formaldehyde
feeling underground cause i’m f-cking buried alive
with empty lungs and no air, so im preparing to die
but it won’t come, i’ve been choking for years
i’ve been waiting to disappear
from this stagnant atmosphere
but the day death comes remains unclear

end can’t come fast enough
put me back with the dust
end can’t come fast enough
waiting to rust