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von poe vii – iscariot lyrics



you know i had to talk my shit. yo, the threat up in this. ain’t nothing new, n-gg-. the general vii, black psycho back up in this b-tch. iscariot

[verse one]

let me set the record straight
for all these folks who be hatin’
i ain’t a pop star, singing n-gg-
that you’d be safe with debating
i war with the faithless
you rappers remain the talk of the tasteless
i run laps around you sucka
you better believe it
i said it, i did it, i meant it
what was good for the crew
and oh you really think you hot huh?
this records for you, no competition
my metaphors running laps around your settlement
i’m a mix of brownsville ka, big duke, and billie holiday
jupiter runneth over
i rap from coast to coast
and boast for petty knock offs
and rentals you post
you want that real?
well i’m hear to give it to you
they’ve been chillin for these last few years
i spit that voodoo
who said i sound like joey bad-ss
or a wannabe hopsin?
i bet your uncles buy your alcohol
too young for this hip hop shit, huh?
invoke my wannabe competition on the daily
i’ve never hid behind no crew
handle my beefs in the booth
however you want it
n-gg-s swear they’re meech over a dub sack
i’m not a fan of the auto-tune
all that singing is wack
ayo i’m fact checkin, the venomous
return of the villainous
generational lyricist
leviticus written through my penmanship
the black-god caesar, i’m walking on trees
salute the king
i’m like the maccabees
running off with the cream
an invitation to the throw-down
to all you emcees, to any crew
f-ck being humble, just do what you do
you said you do it for the culture
and not the fame my dude?
then why you braggin on the mic
about these youtube views
you’re not an emcee
battle with me
i’m up in that -ss delicious
put an end to all that tough talk
have you singing to these b-tches


i want a banger in the front
for all my n-gg-s who dump
riverside, riverside
hold it down where you’re from (6x)