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vox vocis – winter queen lyrics


see me shake, cut my whimpers
(rattled mind, fall in line)
adrenaline, wired-eyed
(steel your tongue, come back from)
play at me, your wrist ringing true
broken, i’m bleeding into you

inconsistence, breeding in your chest, is beating
never hear me say

they could never save you
(i need to cool my head)
those sorry hands they gave you
(take stock of all i’ve bled)
i taught my legs to wander so unsure
(i’ll send a beat to hear come back)
life retriever
(play at)
bent believer

am i right?
terror post-disaster

am i right to be, winter queen?
(here i’ll be perfect machine)
put the pieces back together all wrong
(rebuild me make me strong)
it’s blistering, what you’ve done to me
(never free from what you gave me)
can’t you see what i’ve become?