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vuk aleksić – kev-cue’s training page lyrics


nas – “life’s a b-tch”

now some rest in peace and some are sittin’ in san quentin
others such as myself are trying to carry on tradition

jay z – “politics as usual”

with the diamond flooded jesus and blind your facials

dr. dre – “the watcher”

cops is anxious to put n-gg-s in handcuffs
they wanna hang us, see us dead, enslave us
keep us trapped in the same place we’re raised in

eminem – “role model”

i get too blunted off of funny home grown
cause when i smoke out i hit the trees harder than sonny bono

nas – “nas is like”

freedom or jail, clip’s inserted, a baby’s being born
same time a man is murdered, the beginning and end

kanye west – “gorgeous”

i treat the cash the way the government treats aids
i won’t be satisfied til all my n-gg-s get it, get it?

kanye west – “homecoming”

i met this girl when i was 3 years old
and what i loved most she had so much soul
she said “excuse me lil homey, i know you don’t know me
but, my name is windy and i like to blow trees”

prhyme – “prhyme”

only time, a woman made a man a millionaire
was when that man was a former billionaire, how trill is that?