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van der graaf generator – in babelsberg lyrics


the city’s spread beneath my feet,
but not the one that i was after
while i’ve been pounding out this beat
the length of the kudamm.
street legends on the tourist map,
a fading script in gothic,
out in the studio they’re
rehearsing in drag for a lark.
come on, let’s get lost in the dark.

tale another step, another move, another pace,
what isn’t written in the m-n-script is a note to play with grace
and if i exit from this story in a way i might retrace
it will have fallen through the cracks when i come back
in any case
another time’s another place.

the city’s spread beneath my feet
from the top of the mercedes tower
and i can see the darkness closing in
hour by hour.

but i can’t take another step, no filling in, no cut and paste,
a bankrupt process for the memory, this terrain is laid to waste.

no, nothing’s written in the history books
that doesn’t leave a nasty taste

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