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vanilla muffins – all roads lead to rome lyrics


she looks great she’s a big deal
her nails are polished perfectly
she smells like a perfume shop
cleopatra nose and lots of gloss

but does she know the football scene?
does she listen to oi music?
no she wokrs to become someone
and her childhood dreams are gone

does she treat you like a dog?
did she stand you up again?
all roads lead to rome
don’t worry!

when you listen to the old sayings
keep the faith and you’ll move mountains
“girls through gold” is a better one
you need some cash, then you’ll rise again

tomorrow you’ll start working hard
promotion to the management
she’s gonna be your secretary
she’ll be making coffee


well she thinks you’re gonna stay
the rest of your life the office junior
she could never believe that soon
she’ll have to say “i am very pleased to meet you,

- vanilla muffins lyrics

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