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victims family – friends lyrics


they tell us that our friends aren’t important
because there’s work to be done
but i’d rather be poor and live with my friends
than be rich and die all alone
the l-st for money has turned people numb
their obsessions over power the fright
they don’t even know or care what they’ve done
they’d kill if the price was right
but friends can work out their problems
and make the hard times quickly p-ss
a life full of pleasure and good times
a feeling of love that will last
a life without worry of power or greed
it’s the only life we’ve got
there’s much more to life than increasing it’s speed
too precious to every be bought
and so you lost all your friends
because of this game
think you’ll buy more later on,
but the friends that you bought
aren’t even the same
’cause all yuor real friends are gone

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