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victims family – i’m such a jerk lyrics


a little wall grows all around me. some more defenses to surround
me. a wall between the world and me, but that won’t work. but i
won’t break it down because i’m such a jerk.

i love my antisocial neuroses. i’m ranting while i’m picking up posies. and
when things don’t go my way you know i get so irked but i won’t
apologize because i’m such a jerk.

i’ll stamp my foot and put my foot down, as long as i can see you
put down. and i’ll hold my breath until i’m turning blue, ’cause
i just wanna be so much more right than you.

so sorry this brain is out of order. but it won’t give you back your
quarter. because everything it learned was just a pack of lies to
reinforce cliched beliefs and sterotypes

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