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visible – separation lyrics

you know, there’s a person inside
that i hope to find
maybe then i’d know for sure
that i live this life
in a world full of crisis
for something more

then what i have at hand right now
i’m not sure
but someone tell me
who i am
and what i’m supposed to be

[verse 1: visible]
i feel like running and jumping off this balcony
as i’m falling speak about how proud i am to relay
but i can’t have them turn that page and it be blank
got me lookin out this window thinking
how people can i actually save?

they’re all stuck in their brains someway
which makes me think i’ll miss em(then)
their hearts are hardened to what i have to say
so i try to stay away from their abominations
only viable thing to do is hibernation

but then i’ll be facing more than me
if this ain’t what i’m supposed to do
then what could it be
it’s causing some separation from me and this beat
but i still got up, doing me

been told everyday lifes a struggle
so what- am i? supposed to sit back and hustle
be like the crowd and be muzzled
i wasn’t created to be a workhorse
and to think of my purpose, life hurts more

i don’t feel appreciated with the support
so at the moment, rap is just a sport
i couldn’t concur more
cause lately i don’t know
if this is the road i wanna go

so help me out
cause i feel like imma a joke


[verse 2: visible]
i know it sounds complicated
even the very thought of me every making it
but i tell i find my answer, ever risk imma have to take it
go the opposite of plummet
i’m a riser so all i do is summit
up to the peak

and until last year
i’ve never really been known as a quitter
but time to squash it, cause i won’t submit
try all you want but i won’t quit

cr-ps about to hit the fan
as i dust it off
like that smoke commercial
do you know the real cost?
of what your getting on

all i can do is pray that i’m not in the wrong
i’ve battled depression for so long
so i pin the pressure in the song

at the time my head spun around in circles
as i tried to top your topic, that reasonably got hot, an

now all i got to do is write what comes out
i know from experience, you gotta push through any doubt
if not then your head will always be in the clouds

but if i didn’t have it come down
and press it to make some sound
who knows where i’d be
you gotta listen to me

we all have a purpose
but what could mine be?
so let me know if you see something i don’t see
half tempted to jump off this balcony


- visible lyrics

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