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waddafuhkgang – supa gang (reprod. v$lx) lyrics


[lunetik] -(b-tch!)
back with the recklessness
no more free randy b-tch
smoke with a random b-tch
rolling my cannabis
in backwoods and dutches
we don’t fuhk with no newport’s
them cigarettes cancerous
don’t come with that blasphemy
got n-ggas that blast for me
yeah (5x)
cuz all my gang official
all my gang official
we don’t need a whistle
we don’t need a pistol
you don’t want no issues
make yo family miss you
outlined in chalk
didn’t even need a stencil
gotta keep the crystals
in my fuhking pocket
2 natural eyes
1 above those sockets
still learning life
keep gaining knowledge
if you got them fixins
ima have to cop it

[ai.d] -know the cops is watching
mothafuhk a coppa
find me in the c-ckpit
over that exhaust sh-t
all my n-ggas bossing
randy lon’dy sausage
ai.d the prophet
all my n-ggas profit

[jordan i$aiah] -find me where the light goes
gang (7x)
please don’t get me started
fuhk a n-gga talking
i see all the cycles (b-tch!)
my plug name is michael
fuhk you that’s my idol
fuhk you i’m the future
bodies in the trunk
think thats j sausage
i think that i’m awesome
i think that i’m saucy
saucin saucy sausage saucy…