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$waggot – sophomore lyrics


but already a wh-r-
prefer not to be pure
than suffer ordinary and bored

still soft at the core
please let that be ignored
push just a little more
and validation galore

and i would take it all back
in a heartbeat just to make you love me
even an ounce more
and i’d do it all again

even worse than before
if it made me any more appealing
in your eyes
nothing in return

and i’m addicted to this moment
i barely even know you but i’ll hold it
in my heart until it’s
creepy and obvious

that we’re never gonna talk again
and we won’t even be friends
i’ve known you for an hour
but i’ve seen the way this ends

soph-m-re, that’s it
you’ve really done it, kid
and this is all that there is
and that is all that you get

a thousand months of regret
hundred semesters of stress
i hope you’re taking notes
i hope you find success

and i’m completely insane
but i am self-aware
i see the warning signs
i do try to prepare

but there’s not much i can do
i can’t control the weather
i hear the thunder
but i’m outside, tethered

i’ve got the power to change it
and all i’ve gotta do is say it
everything i’m ashamed of
is something i am to blame for

and you are so f-cking normal
but at the same time special
you’ve got stories to tell
and i wanna hear them all

and hope that you never ask me
a single thing about me
i just wanna disappear
into your atmosphere

and drink up all your tears
like it was everclear
you’ve got me vibing at a
frequency i can’t even hear

plumet down the moment that you’re gone
no indication you’re unhappy
but wonder for hours
where i went wrong

and get to work on a song
about a boy i met once
and why i’m deeply connected
and how i can’t move on