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wale – i’m on one (freestyle) lyrics


“i’m on one (freestyle)”

two white cups and i got that drank
two dyk- jawns but tonight they straight
redbox flow and i do not date
real g sh-t i don’t use no cape
i got my cake; i love hip hop
j cole, don trip, drake, big sean
n-gg- wanna act we can get improve
bread on me that’s a garlic knot
tats out and my hair long
loud sh-t, weird noise
like b.o.b., got airplanes
not one j got a pair or more
folarin b-tch releast n-gg- in this ho
shoutout to them n-gg-s who still f-ck with me at interscope
my ambition to blow
this is why i’m in this fo’
women at my pole
this is oh so much like getting votes
i make her kitten moist
this is why her n-gg- mad
i just give her bigger o’s
he just get her bigger bags
i’m an -sshole, so what my b-tches like it?
i’m why she get excited
you why she buy the vices
the tightest writer to write, dopest flower to quote it
i’m zonin; i’m in seattle with little cheyenne and tony
what up? my sister and them, all my n-gg-s listening
i be one and done’ing hoes like crawford at michigan
realest n-gg- told you that, cloey love me more than rap
b-tch i got that kobe game, b-tch you got that kobe rap
dmv we on the map, it’s over for these corny n-gg-s
wicked ambition go give this sh-t a coroner visit
there’s no answer for it, these rhetorical lyrics
talking ridiculous have mommas getting floral opinions
i’m on one, we on weed but she on e
she so fly, she so fine, but she so shy but i’m a don see?
no car key and i mean that
cause i show fur, no bikini wax
my moschino that fire, bet you never seen that
swear this closet full of heat, b-tch i never need a match
undefeated, gs in a t-shirt and my leaders hat
change of scenery, i’m al pacino w-lly beaman yeah
turned into a shark and i got that from all this dc cr-p
f-ck yo b-tch to the weeknd, i ain’t speaking bout that cd player
but shout to that ovo, shout out to the whole t.o
shout ymcmb, mmg we run the globe
this the district where politicians is f-cking goons
and i done seen some old beefs make a bunch of news
a neutral mover, truly cool with a bunch of crews
better keep a shooter, there’s always one with something to prove
nice for that war, trying to see my daughter walk
keep wifey in la perla and don’t you ask her what that tori cost
always keep a dodie on on me, i ain’t for that maury talk
a 40 of that oe, casey veggie my homie
out in la i’m fakin’ hitting switches
this ain’t mine, it’s ricky, but shhh don’t tell my b-tches
i swear i love my music, i truthfully hate this business
i swear it’s like this liquor is improving a lot of women
intuitively and gifted, too empty, this is lipton
hallucinating from rufilin, who is saying is iller?
n-gg-, i got that dilla, premo, swizzy flow
women front, they get its cold
she never play no games with me so i never get her coach
i’m supposed to boast, this lyrical overdose
n-gg-s george foreman grillin’, sh-t i spit that rope-a-dope
she be sliding on the pole, slide down and roll my smoke
white boys gon set the mood, yeah, that’s word to hall & oates
and it’s still f-ck everybody
i run the summer, don’t plan on sharing potties
shoutout yo baby momma, that b-tch is sorta fine
that yellow b-tch, a lot of face, she that emoticon
got a bunch of haters, but i got more to count
mohammed got a little mac, don’t get your shoulder popped
i don’t really know a lot, but i hope these people know my heart
my nomo could be found in stores with a jersey only nomo got
konichiwa, shadow chain and decent watch
if i’m getting geechy i can rock three chains on either block
dc maybe pg mmg sh-t please do understand it
the only team more powerful? sasha and malia family
malia family, we the family
i give these b-tches my seed, swear they don’t need a nanny
won’t see me in the phantom til a n-gg- see a grammy

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