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walking rumor – burned up and blessed lyrics


i’ll take you back to the start

take you back to what we left behind
as i climb/ give me time to collect the pieces

when you’re looking back at me now

a faded star/ looking far from who i was

and i know that it won’t show

i know that i was stronger

every day we start all over
stuck in a circle where our hearts beat slower
waiting for you/ i’ve been burned, i’ve been blessed
steady on the outside, inside i’m a mess

so help me find a way to change
what have i done
what have i become
what have i become

i never knew that i was chosen

i think i never knew that i was really broken
i didn’t even know
how could we ever really know

when i look myself in the eyes
i fear from what is starring back inside
disappeared without your notice

i will never be the one to/
the one to complete you
missing pieces of an aching heart

you’ve made me so much stronger

now i’ve gotta let you go

i’m in too deep
you make me sleep
wait for you inside my dreams
you let me go
you’ll never know
gracefully i go insane

i choose life

let me go you fear the flow
can’t believe you’re all i know
so change me and break me
gracefully i go insane