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wallacebreenmusic-wbm – ‎suicide note lyrics


“may 16, 2019. to whomever found my body;

mom, if that’s you reading this: i was actually murdered, my corpse was desecrated by those “d+mn dirty f+gs” you always warned us as kids about, they made me write this note to cover up their horrible, heinous crime and you should stop reading now

if you’re reading this and you’re not my mother, then most likely i am hanging by a noose from the rafters with a smile on my face

d+mn it, i wish i wouldn’t have kicked the chair so far or tied the noose so tight. maybe i should have just sprung for a wh0re. wallacе breen, you cheap, dumb dead b+st+rd. i’ve blamеd myself so much times i can’t even count how many times
oh well, at least i died doing something i loved

i knew i should have had a spotter

wallace breen

[verse 1]
death carries on
we looked like death tonight
to put the stars in the background
oh death, oh death, oh death
oh death, oh death, oh death
too much cash, too much fame
too much death before birth, too much ink is in the coffin

woo+hoo, woo+hoo

[verse 2]
i wish that there were
honor in death
a sure release
from this dead weight
they say this is it
the death of a capital man
oh death, oh death, oh death
oh death, oh death, oh death
woo+hoo, woo+hoo

[verse 3]
poor, poor, poor
lord, lord, lord, i love you
death could not trouble you more
i wonder who will care after this death
or my death
or my stain, or my stain on the board
everywhere is hustle
everywhere is death, slowly bored
if i have finally found death
if i have finally let you down
sitting around, bored to death
and i stand there
here comes the death jesus, here comes our death
here comes the lost jesus, here comes your lost

here we go