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war on women – jordan lyrics


the same morning you told me about your religion
you pulled your church white stockings up over unshaven legs
you told me about nine planets, like levels of heaven
you said no one would notice the hair sticking up through the nylon
i saw it reach for the sun

a fake future that could never end (we were so young)
we just wanted to start a band
we broke up and next thing you were dead
i never said goodbye, still there’s nothing to regret

would you be married with kids?
still live in tennessee?
would you hate this band i’m in
or understand what it means?
i had a beer with beth and you never came up
it makes me feel ugly how easy forgetting was
i saw you reach for the sun
and still there’s nothing to regret
we were so young
i see you, fiery redhead
i will not soon forget