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water on the thirsty ground – automatic future swag lyrics


everytime i wake up if there’s [?] dream carry over
[?] it’s just that i go off motion
get yourself together can’t get caught up in emotion
overstimulated see the eyes [?]
i think you’re strange
you think it’s crazy
you move up in your times and you’re still not escaping
you don’t get to rest once your body’s decaying

go f+cking crazy
i’m only friends my friends
get [?] and break his neck
let b+tches [?]
but feel like that b+tch
down [?] but remember that sh+t
i’m sorry, i don’t come close like this
must’vе been on somethin’ stupid
that’s so f+cking [?]
think i’m turning to a king
feel it crawling at my skin
do you f+ck with me [?]

quit playin’ with me boy, whеre’s the weed at?
lookin’ at something i can see that
i know that [?] is the only f+cking thing you succeed at
all i wanna know is where the [?]
if i can’t see, then the life has no meaning
tearing out my eyes [?]

[?] breathing down my neck
[?] don’t touch me [?] life and death
i was trippin [?] shadow took a little [?] (weird sh+t)

[?] i don’t give a f+ck
psycho [?] soon as i wake up
need to make a potion, not lean but i’m sippin’ mud
oxytocin [?] and i can never get enough
i can never get enough
i can never get enough
noone knows what’s in my bag but i keep my pockets [?]
i will run you over i will hit you with a monster truck