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waveiq – myself lyrics



i just wanna be myself
i just wanna be myself

don’t wanna be like n0body else

i’m my own made man
i ain’t need no help

[verse 1]

i then took my own spot
my home elevated

oh lord
a moon shot

the lies they be saying

aw sh-t
the tools out
and everybody playing

y’all gone make fool out yourself
marlon wayans

wait a minute
y’all the same condescending n-ggas

thinking that you trending
rocking the same sh-t

yet you claiming it’s an image
it’s a look

f-ck that
i’m a book

better read it
i’m the type of n-gga

bring the heat to the ceiling

dance on me with tequila

new edition
swag on me to appealing

when i show up
hands they go up

don’t give no f-cks
nuck if you buck

show me what’s up
rabid no duck

any conversation
with me in it is a must

any negotiation
with me in it better hush

only be me
showing you what’s up


[verse 2]

i then took my own place
my house in the sky

new way
a new day

the spice in my eyes

ah yes
exit to the left

running on a check

any condition
i got the system by the neck

oh woah my woes
ain’t nothing no more

i’d rather drink and cop
some mojo

when i was younger
feeling so low

couldn’t wait to pop
and do it solo

run it up
and shine on n-ggas

talking big
but it’s mine little n-gga

hold the phone
i’m motorola chirping

she just lurking
telling me it’s worth it

acting like she’s eve
i’m not the serpent

i’m just acting jolly
with some bourbon

things are getting hot
i need a turban

guess i got that style
you couldn’t purchase