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wavorly – time i understood lyrics


time i understood

as i’m building up this house
i wonder what of it will stay
it seems you just take things away
and i’ll admit i shouldn’t say these things
but i have got to hear from you somehow
does this have a point to it?
god, i wish i could hear you
you said you’d help me through this
i wish you didn’t have to

why did you take this away? i wanted it
show me that there is no need to be afraid
can i move on now that it’s gone?

as i travel down this road
i wonder if i should turn home
all this time i’ve felt alone
my head in my hands
where were you when i was in need?
and i look back to find you chasing me
sometimes i try and i miss the point of it
it’s about time we die… we’re not down here for us

as you’re tearing down this house
there is only one thing i can say
i’m so glad you take away
and i’ll admit things worked out for the good
and it’s about time i understood

by: elise