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waylon jennings – if my harley was runnin’ lyrics


“if my harley was runnin'”

everybody knows that you got a job, especially me
you just keep rubbing it in, you won’t let it be
you bring home the bacon and it’s making me feel like a jerk
out of all that i got, your all i got that still works


but if my harley was runnin, honey i’d show you who’s boss
there are places in texas a man can still go and get lost
if my harley was runnin’ i’d be gone in nothin’ flat
sooner or later i’ll get it started,
and you better start thinkin’ bout that

everybody knows a man without wheels ain’t much at all
when he’s down on his luck, down on his pride he’s down to a crawl
you got it girl, you got my world in your hand
in the back of my mind i’m making my time and making my plans