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wayne hancock – ain’t nobody’s blues but my own lyrics


now everybody that knows me
knows just the way i feel
when my baby ain’t around
i’ve lots of time to kill

but i ain’t into playin’, no sir!
i don’t run around
but i’ll be awful lonesome
’til my sugar’s back in town

’cause it ain’t n-body’s blues but my own
when my gals gone
they come around
until she comes back home
the worst kinda heartache that i know
yeah, they’re ain’t n-body’s blues but my own

(take it away, brother)

well there’s lots of pretty women
but only one can have a heart
brother when she ain’t around
my world just falls apart
but accordin’ to my schedule
she’s gonna be back soon
for tonight i’ll sleep out on the porch
underneath that lonesome moon

(repeat chorus)

(tear it up, yeah)
[2nd interlude]

and you can have your cheap motels
and runnin’ around of late
livin’ in that kinda place
is love at second rate

i’ve got myself a fine gal
and together we’ll go far
and if i mean the world to her
then she’s my lucky star

(repeat chorus x2)

(yeah ha!)
(one more time now)