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we had a deal – this was supposed to be a lovesong lyrics


i never even tried to win. all bets on failure, makes
quiet a dime. the tv shares its light with the gathered
a fight is on, we vs. faith, round 13, still standing.
gonna be a good one.
and if we’re really lucky afterwards uncle punk’s going
to tell the tale
how he stood near enough to get some splatters when 77
killed the future. gonna feel like christmas.
afterwards we’re both sneaking out just as we planned.
meet me up there by the hills and neon signs.
two cynics with a front row seat for the end of the
world. have a seat, my dear.
make sure the view is good; you don’t want to miss the
downfall, my dear.
so just look down there. suddenly n-body’s lethargic
anymore; every couple enjoys its last dance.
can you see the preachers? they’re lamenting, must have
got into a rush for judgement day.
the sheep enjoy their togetherness while the ties
celebrate their loneliness and we’re holding hands,