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we – from the spaceways lyrics


a lonely beating of the drum
followed by a minstrel`s strum
strum it away strum
play on sail it homeward bound
minstrels singing singing all
a state of bliss upon us all
wave it along wave it
a single breathing and a hum
followed by a hard and gentle strum
strum it away strum
no solar prison can this hold
power cosmic now unfolds
jolts sparkling wave it on wave it on
surfing on through pastures green
walking inside earth`s within
soaring on through golden rays
a skyrider from the sp-ceways
looking down as satelites
down upon all the sights
swim beneath in deep blue shades
a sky rider from the sp-ceways
the power cosmic now we sail
cosmos eternal and inside the whale
inside inside
this planet`s core join the volcano`s wail
stepdancing on the hottest trails
burned my fingers sn-tched my cape my cape my cape
surfing on etc.