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wes b (wes beez) – so gone challenge lyrics


courted you for a couple months
first person i showed the house to, we celebrated with a couple blunts
there was always a but
no matter what i did it was never enough
so beautiful you are in every facet of life
i was thinking forever, making you my life
we shared; intimate things, convos, and late night rides around the city girl i could just stare in your eyes
foolish pride and chance made me stay around even though you told me through text that i wasn’t really your type, thrice
gave you a necklace just for being on the guest list for my housewarming party you were the best gift
for helping me clean up i held you in my arms
still distance between us
all of this just means what
so minimal, that i’m a minnow swimming through these oceans of emotions staring through this double-pained stained window
the day before my birthday you sent me a text
and told me that you were in love and i wished you the best
cause i was chasing you while you were waiting on him
and this future that i’m imagining is only remaining slim and non-existent
and i’m so gone in my emotions that i couldn’t give you this d-ck then
but to you i am addicted
no acid but i’m tripping
you -ss is amazing but in reality i wanna kick it
but i can’t because i’m so gone