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wetnurse – i wrote a song for you lyrics


[verse 1]
i wrote a f#cking song for you and you will never hear it
entire weeks i’m stressing bout chu in my head i clear it
i’m clearing clearing, and fearing the many memories
and definitely my mind is heavily damaged irreparably

i’m tired thinking bout all of the tires i would have to replace
to f#cking meet you be together drag you out of your place
your mentally engrained inside the wrinkles of my brain
cuz the mere hands of a f#cking label turned me into a lame

and part of me thinks that i had a f#cking chance
cuz you made it seem like you were down to f#cking dance
the other part of me thinks, that i never f#cking had one
it was in my head all along stare at the black sun

stay along for the ride and keep your hands on your knees
my hands inside your hands and being fresh as we please
yuh, living out our lives as h#lla ignorant
we’d be f#ckin up people that be actin h#lla rigorous to

us, we making music entertain the f#cking people that look up
we f#cking lethal f#ck up kiddies that are talkin the cuss
these f#cking weeks my thoughts are just what it have could have been
we watching all the movies late at night ####


[verse 2]
i wrote this f#cking song for you and you will never hear it
i wish i took more of a risk inside my head i fear you’d
hate me more than you do, or do you even
put my feelings out for you, or should i beat it

i don’t know
i don’t even know if you still like me in
any f#cking capacityyy, put you in a
place of f#cking opacityy, got myself in
a new place of neutrality, i hope

i can get over you, cuz i know you already
forgot about me
i feel so mof#ckin loost
put her in the sauce
cuz i know she won’t remember cuz she is already gone

i wrote this f#cking song for you and you will never hear it
it’s like i cannot go to sleep i see your f#cking spirit
it felt so motherf#cking close like i could feel it but i
f#cked it all up. (my head’s the clearest)