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wifisfuneral – gotenks lyrics


[verse 1: wifisfuneral]
ay, it’s the black plague himself
creeping shade
grade my soul no more oh no
like i’m too toned to geeking
pop stop, his b-tch i’m loose like a bop
drowning them up from the top
my life gon’ fade with the drop
half of my life i been tweakin like what
pipe this screw a n-gg- b-tch like a light switch
diamond uppercut mike tyson bite this
hurricane fist my whip don’t ride tints
smokin’ on gas can’t open my eyelids
make ya main b-tch get naked in the moshpit, watch this
known around the block as a popstar
all my life i was ducking from them cop cars
and my bank stretch long like a python
this is how i need me a wraith
this sh-t done feel like a race
you never move from your place
diamonds reflect like a lake
i had no food on my plate
i saw that wrist that i needed to take
i cuff this b-tch
keep the look off his face
float off the perc’
i need two in the paint
i saw that wrist that i needed to tape
float off the perc’
i need two in the paint

[verse 2: dooney montana]
drippin’ that water
done came off the lake
been on a mission
i keep it top rank
stampin’ and flippin’ and spin off the bank
two penny an brendin got girls on the yank
i’m talkin’ about little peruvian plates
bust on a bag and they can’t go the lure
i hit the back and whenever i sure this
just poured the drank and [?]
counting up in the corner
i think she moroccan the way that she watch it
i’m getting that pop
they jog it, they plan
she bought me a choppa
i care about the choppa
i’m f-ckin’ up in the cuz i let her bought it
puttin’ 2 leather seats in the mazi
i get the jug and the bih wanna follow me
i got the gas
the bih want the smoke
i got the jordan
the bih wanna pop
you on the street
off the door when they hot
hangin’ with shots
handing them out
bombin’ the butchers
right next to the p-ss all over them
don’t tell em’ about it
they comin’ to get you
i’m sippin the zombie in front of the building
i [?] the face and they stash in the pillow
ready to die so i’m ready to k!ll
i’m ready to win so i’m ready to get it