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wifisfuneral – jezebel lyrics


[verse 1]
oh yes i love her like the sweetest
taboo since a fetus, i witnessed the genius
i feel like were connected when dreaming
my moon goddess as wet as poseidon when she’s gliding through my fantasies
i could mold her, but never control her
forever hearing her voice over my shoulders
feeling boulders in my conscious
steady rocking to my own beat
shorty introduced me to hypnosis when scoping her figure
if you the canvas i’m painting pictures like who you kidding?
figuring riddles just to get in the middle of your mixture
perfect colors when blending
see from my personal preferences a angel touched you from heaven
catching myself from half stepping, but i just fall since i’m reckless
its like domino effect how i’m stretching
see, but i’m just crawling, falling in h-ll
too obsessive over yo frame, and quite frankly, i don’t care
pleading that you help me well, stop and stare
witness how i’m under yo spell, ms. jazzy belle

[verse 2]
oh yes i love her like the oxygen that i breathe
love her like lovers that would love each other when its eye that they see
mouth to mouth when they speak, soul to soul when they meet
its temporary for you, yet everlasting to me
i’m tryna stretch you out like elastic, you acting as if i’m lacking
been practicing for this moment in my mirror
i f-ck up my script and my posture whenever i’m near ya
hope you hear me when i love more then i fear
text message was deadly, i’m ready to die by yo side when i ride
jazzy, jazzy, oh jazzy, heard you leaving and now you happy
my sunflower never grows since my sun isn’t active
us again could never happen
you, you’re just a memory, lost in my satisfaction
and me? i’m just craving, bathing in your desires
never the type to fall head of heels if around my neck there’s a wire
cigarettes burning, hoping they calm me down
i’m out of tune, feeling never well
witness how i’m under yo spell, ms. jazzy belle

[outro: andré 3000]
oh yes i love her like egyptian
want a description? my royal highness
so many plusses when i bust that there can’t be no minus
went from yelling crickets and crows
b-tches and hoes to queen thangs
over the years i been up on my toes and yes i seen thangs
like kilroy, chill boy because them folks might think you soft
talking like that, man, f-ck them n-gg-s, i’m going off
and coming right back like boomerangs when you throw ’em…