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wifisfuneral – joebuddenprobablythinksicantrap :( lyrics


two hands xanax, i might panic if not attack
steady relapse into my old ways
in the third grade i got punished for sour play
called my friend johnny a f-ckface
snuck outside and shot pedestrians with my draco, missin’ my ak
they yelling out mayday
houston we got a problem
grim on the loose and he’s wildin’
hide your children, cause if he finds you
you’re dead within the next hour
shedding tears to a dying flower
while he’s laughing, plotting for power
and say roger, i couldn’t find in my heart
a woman got duct-taped and he dragged along the body
see my mental kinda f-cked up, you can tell right?
probably got a wh-r- with hiv, tell my rancher it’s quite jolly
sadly, i’m a sp-wn of satan who’s waiting to meet their maker, to argue in conversation
i tried to k!ll myself three times, well i guess that didn’t work, jerk
now i go berserk, first on a verse
r.i.p. to my vocals
’cause the day that i ever die the rap game got no culture
see i’m the n-gg- that’s up now, mane, f-ck next
f-ck fame, a f-ck fest
labels want to sign me now, i could give a f-ck less
you could die, suck a sick d-ck, n-gg-
hold your f-ckin’ breath, ayy