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wifisfuneral – playstation 2 lyrics


[verse 1: wifisfuneral]
call the coroner, it’s the wettest form
in the faces i’m slashin’
you see the grim reaper in his finest p-ssion
10 glocks pop in that drop top, candy cover paint
the return of max payne with no weapons drawn
30s with the hollow tips
red icy b-tch, yeah she with the sh-ts
i’m in the darkness, creeping slowly
demons speaking, souls departed
blunts smoked in the bathroom
paint dripping in the faucet
blood found in my arm where i stab
drug addicts in the casket
medusa’s stone for a reaction
i got my, 9 millimeter c-cked in my coffin
eyes red, dope burning, i get faded often
switchblade full of blood, late night slice
throats in the tub, counting bodies like i’m counting benjis
i’m all alone, right where you left me
in that dark room, that taste of blood
that faded rush, it feels so new
my soul speaks, i’ll fade with time
i’ll paint the cameras, i’ll blow my mind
i’ll stab the reverend, i’ll k!ll the preacher
them false lies, no one can keep them
percs and them blood samples got you speaking

[interlude: jim ross]
owen hart was uh, set to make an entrance from the ceiling, and uh, he fell from the ceiling. i have-i have the unfortunate responsibility to let everyone know that owen hart has died. owen hart has tragically died from that accident here tonight

[verse 2: wifisfuneral]
i’ll call the plug when i need it
i’ll call the plug when i’m fiending
reflection of pain at its finest
i’m slowly dying with no hesitation
never the time to say goodbye
then i’ll roll through like razor ramon
gold chains swinging
leave the bad guy alone
i’m toting pistols with al capone
sky falls, cold weather
death to all, pour a 4 in that 24
i’m swinging low, straight 32s
with that dutch roller
blunt ash on my undergarments
i’ll walk on water
that precious such, see i would bother
owen hart, them bodies fallin’