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wifisfuneral – sideline story lyrics


but uh, yeah, man, i mean
basically, i’m just, tired of all this sh-t and what-not
i’m ’bout to give you sh-t from my perspective
sh-t how i feel through a, the daily basis
and um, sh-t i wouldn’t want up changing, in general
sh-t that i feel people should know
i mean, i ain’t get this microphone for no reason, my n-gg-
you know
i’ma just explain to you some sh-t, whatever (i mean)
if you feel like you in the sideline then, this song’s for you, basically
ha, and sh-t, but uh, hear me out

[verse 1]
huh, f-ck it
my flow is lyrically homicide, to get the case
a smile on my face as i get to the nine to five
i get this rap sh-t on my life
f-ck yo’ favorite rapper
give me the mic’ and dim the lights
i’ll explain my story, show my rise to glory
sh-t, i’m still on that road
just to let you know, i tried to blow like hiroshima
get it cleaner up on my screen-er
walkin’ like a mobster, eatin’ lobsters
quite a shock to the fantasy
i show no love to reality as i gradually
grab the presidents from the resurrection
came up wit’ two suggestions
it’s do whatever to make the cheddar
for the worse or for the better
as i long as i don’t sell my soul
i’ll try to make this cash forever
however, n-gg-s try to break yo’ fall
i mean, yeah, you got rhymes
but trust me, that ain’t it at all
they try to crack yo’ jaw wit’ that [?]-it sh-t
what is this serious lyrical business they witness?
so, they tend not to sleep
do whatever to get you bread and make yourself eat

[bridge 1]
look, i said um
i said it like this

see, i’ma put myself on the map
gone and i ain’t lookin’ back
see a lil’ n-gg- put the bank on me
cause i could bet you anytime, it won’t be free
see, these n-gg-s really wanna sleep on me
oh, lord
i wonder why i would’t be so sure
but, i wish somebody had a guideline
on how to get up out the sideline
(side-line, sideline, yeah
i said, ha, sideline
where ever we go, sideline
yeah, sideline n-gg-)

[verse 2]
look, throughout the pain
sufferin’ and the rain
i stayed the same learnin’ the game of life
only you can get cut off at any given sight
maybe, i might become so tight wit’ the mic’
kickin’ knowledge, while b-mpin’ the chronic
i find it ironic
on how the theories of the world get through people
knowin’ they put fear in yo’ heart just to make you evil
please don’t fall for the traps
perhaps we can look at it from a slower perspective
and when it gets hectic, look for yo’ savior
and no one’s prayed for the wicked
i get lifted, i feel like i have the courage yet
they consider me gifted
i try to reach in yo’ heart to spark a rage
but in a good way, we need change
sh-t ain’t the same
why don’t people care at all?
the government is f-ckin’ us up
while in the court they ball
k!lluminati rollin’ through yo’ body like a 12 gauge shotty
oh, i see, i respect none of these fake n-gg-s
who would figure yo’ idol won’t admit that you’re in danger?
them riches turn b-tches inside strangers
ha, how can i live now?
when i never cried later
i say f-ck the others who gon’ become haters
15 year-old rebel, i write ’til i die, wit’ my pride in my hand
understand as a man, i tried to do the best as i can
but only you can control yourself
so what will it be?
are you down for life, or just for fake wealth?
pain equals p-ssion, p-ssion equals pain
yeah, i tried to lend an open hand but n-gg-s don’t act the same

[bridge 2]
and, yeah, but, alright
look, i said um
ha, look

[verse 3]
you would figure life can never get any better
for standin’ under the bad weather, wit’ a sad song
you actin’ wrong ’bout all the bullsh-t they say
man, i’m tryin’ to negotiate wit’ deaths on my casket
that sh-t can get put on delay
never gave a f-ck about a b-tch, but i sure love a ho
bust a nut and then she goes
p-ss the cup and now we movin’ slow
walkin’ high up on my toes
livin’ life carefree, sh-t, n-gg-, i don’t know
i express my emotions through the drugs
and f-ck for the love of the sweet s-x
never being cautious, so i never use a latex
but in any words, i touch myself to old v.h.s. p-rn
brainstorm about the future, f-ck the past
roll the blunt and get the gr-ss
see my eyes go to white and to an instant red flash
what the f-ck i got to live for?
this song is for all the girls who’s been called a wh-r-
a song for all the n-gg-s who didn’t have the b-lls
to talk to that fine b-tch next door
i always wanted to be that popular kid
instead, i’m that kid wonderin’ where my real pops is
it’s like the older i get, the more i regret
puttin’ my feelin’s into women
i should’ve thought about all the p-ss-es that i could be swimmin’ in
see, s-x isn’t good until you’re high as f-ck
sloppy drunk up on the pavement
screamin’, “what the? f-ck it!”
when i talk about my step-dad
i swear to god, i understand my mom’s pain
’cause b-tches play the same game
you can’t forget about the popular kids
the ones wit’ the cement 3’s
nike s.b.’s, gucci backpacks, louis, versace
always the type of person to wish that i was exactly like them
too bad, when they heard my name
they said “what the f-ck? i don’t like him.”
for only if they knew the real me
see, being our normal to the world isn’t cool
and they wonder why i say, “f-ck school! that sh-t’s a h-ll-hole.”
want to put me back on my ex, “oh, h-ll no!”
i feel like i’m in h-ll though
see, everyone knows isaiah
but they don’t know izzy wit’ his evil thoughts and his smart remarks