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will ultra x dope d – faded remix lyrics


[verse 1: will ultra]
iits will ultra lyrical g*nius/
pull the trigger back like an uncirc-mcized penuis/
ill be on your favorite article/
girls dont like you cause your d-ck smaller te particles/
see some females p-ss w-ssup ladies/
my chick is a cannibal cause all she do is swallow babies/
you talkin other lyrics? i k!ll em’/
squids rival me plus 5 girls equal squilliam/
i get more head then shoulders/
i go harder the boulders lyrics k!ll so i never f-king talk/
lyrics k!ll i spit and im on suicide watch/
this ain’t a ground ho so quit the playing/
saiyan super lyrics so im a super sayain/
arson in the stomach mouth is full of ashes/
them lips clapping so you know theyre face is -sses/
verses od on v–gr- so they extra hard/
tell divinci i got pockets full of leonard/
she come with beauty her first name is sally/
her freind came fit and her first name is bally/
sally had enough of me spittin these bars/
get high so many times my -ss check imprinted on mars/
i think quicker then quick/
go to fear factor so you can eat a d-ck/
wite girls get at me if you want some ink/
still go ham if pigs went extinct/
p-ssy in my stomach p-ssy n-ggas f-cking running/
we rappers getting serious/
but trynna have some fun disagree?/
meet the ak-48 minus 1/
stick it down her throat all you hear is../

[verse 2: dope d]
i dont speak much but if i do its about money and s-x/
guess im bi-langual we better then the rest/
never count singles cause i cash checks/
moving work was never really my thing/
never really was the bling/
or put the finger in the ring/
cause im a wild one like flo-rida/
but i got my own style could never be a flow rida/
nah man thats not me i got kicks but i throw punches mohhumad ali/
so dont try me/
when ever i bring the bangers out like chuck norris/
these n-ggas say the beef was never really for us/
shouldve ordered steak/
i rather real enemie then a fake friend/
dont pretend/
shooting side ways looking out the scope/
im just a serious -ss n-gga thats about his dough/
so flash like dash cause a n-ggas incredible/
and my b-tches p-ssys are always edible/
diced pinnaples and sliced bannanas/
had this one blonde b-tch named hannah/
had to get my body gaurds dam i can’t stand her/
i just wanna pick up and slam her/
some one get the camera/
im in the studio will this one bout to be a slammer/