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william elliott whitmore – lord only knows lyrics


well, them loved ones who were paddlin’ for that far sh-r-
they’re lilies of the field who will bloom ever more
well, they have gone over to the next phase
and brought to an end their earthly days

and lord only knows how’s it’s gonna end
who stays and who goes
lord only knows

and every good chapter it comes to a close
nothing lasts forever, lord only knows
them flowers from your funeral are starting to wilt
from cigarette smoke and a room full of guilt
but it was better for them than sticking around
cause they lost their will to live when they were ripped from the ground

and lord only knows how it’s gonna end
what dies and what goes
lord only knows

well, you had a heart as big as the sky
and for a good long time it held me inside
but it was better for you than sticking around
cause you lost your will to live in this river front town

enjoy it while you can cause lord only knows