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willyrodriguezwastaken - disco dancer lyrics


hey hey, hey hey
i really wanna
hey hey, hey hey
i really gotta
hey hey, hey hey
i really wanna
hey hey, hey hey
i really gotta

to grab on to someone special
or else i fear i’ll go mental
love me tender, oh so sweet now
oh i want someone somehow

you don’t give it, cuz you don’t want it
you just gotta believe in something
cuz you just can’t love yourself
so we’ll just both, just burn in hеll

cuz i don’t wanna get it, cuz you don’t wanna give it
and i don’t wanna make anothеr heartbreak
and you just gotta keep it, and you just gotta make it
cuz you can’t come to terms with all your problems
we’ll i’m a hypocrite so i’ll just keep it all in
until we’re falling off the five foot building
so we’ll just talk about them, so we’ll just talk about them
except we’re just saying nothing
so we don’t gotta say it, so we’ll just keap it sealed in
until i’m yelling like i’m f+cking b+tching
and you’ll come back tomorrow, and we’ll be making problems
so we can talk about anything
i don’t think that you’re the problem
i just think i cause all of them
so maybe we’ll be all better
if we don’t meet until next summer

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