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wingnut dishwashers union – sellout song lyrics


well one of these days you know i’m gonna get
my -ss kicked.
but i’m not gonna try
and promise you that i’m not gonna deserve it.
but your boyfriend is still the worst house guest
i think that i’ve ever met.
and i hope that one day you’ll wake up
and you’ll realize that you can’t put up with it.

well one of these days,
maybe i’ll just sit and give this all up.
and i’ll say that all you yuppies can have this f-ckin’
if you love it so much.
but the things that we can’t help but believe in
make up who we are.
and i just can’t believe that could mean their condos and
their sports cars.

well, when its gets had to breathe
sometimes i slip to apathy,
but i don’t got any excuses not to learn
what words like home and freedom mean.