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winterhill – sweaterz lyrics


i wish i owned a couple of pink, sweaters
brought myself to the brink and now i sit, think
sink into the paths that you programmed into my system
and if it don’t fit the old narrative, i don’t listen
simple is as simple as simple does, special is received
pining over what you gain from me
like i ain’t sh+t
unless i’m exploited
the worst resource you ever known, but whatever
i’ll hide in my bed and mess with my hair
i wanna go back to sp+ce…
but i needed new parts and held old debts
my recollection has since been erased
but i can still point up and that’s what matters apparently
i’m still staring at the void, sitting where i’m ‘sposed to be
gluttonous imposter, consumption’s my only honor
and i act like i stomach up all the trauma
but truthfully i vomit

i’m feeling better today though..
i’m feeling better today though, why?
didn’t you hear the news? i’m feeling better today, yo
i don’t know maybe, maybe they? i don’t know it’s dumb, i don’t know it’s dumb…

i wanna make it possible to be
i wanna make it possible to be, as i, narcissistically see myself
(it’s that flowering evil)