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witch mountain – the ballad of lanky rae lyrics


a long time ago
on a dark-as-night day
a little girl came entered this world
in a right wicked way
when she took her first breath
the doctor heard her say
“all you out there better beware
my name is lanky rae”
“stay away,” said lanky rae
she didn’t like baby dolls
barrettes or ballet
she thought a gun was much more fun
when she went out out to play
by the time she was 10
hair already ash grey
she shot a man down, stole a car and left town
yeah that’s what they say
what they say about lanky rae
stay away from lanky rae
by the time she was grown
she’d grown into her name
7 feet tall and not graceful at all
but she could hit a mark from 3 miles away
but rae was all alone
and to her dismay
she never had met her dad
so she hit the highway
she heard he was a demon
deep down in the clay
so down she dove to the center she drove
and there stood the daddy of lanky rae
he held two 45s
and his hair was ash grey
spittin’ whiskey and fire and as soon as he saw her
those two you could not separate
now they roam the underworld
raisin’ h-ll everyday
doin’ what they do best and forget all the rest
so when the ground rumbles
don’t you be afraid
it’s just a couple of outcasts happy at last
yeah it’s lanky rae