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wiz khalifa – slim skit lyrics


“slim skit”

digg man
my name is slim
you know what i’m sayin?
my momma named me charles
but the people, the people they call me slim
and you know i been on this kush and orange juice man
it’s a wicked thang brotha
you know, i done been around, seen a lot of faces
but my old lady, she wont, she wont roll my weed up for me man
i, i work so hard
i keep the bills paid up
buy her things she can’t pr-nounce
and she wont roll my trees jack
jive man
say dog
its cold outside man, its cold
but you gotta stay cool
everybody’s fighting to get to the top
but me, i just wanna smoke and chill man
i just wanna smoke my weed brotha
get us a nice lil place
where n-body knows
h-ll, i’ll name my island if i could