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woe (band) – the ones we lost lyrics


departed, every sound is distant now
and through it all, to it, i am claimed
the air stinks of regret, skin is thick with it
the planet spins, the world outside
is still the same
how do i live with this atrocity?
who do i blame for this defeat?
beg, plead, scream, there’s no
the world is damaged and
there’s nothing i can change

obscene, the day
and the sunlight that it brings
the past and the future
the sentiment it clings to
and now i question moment
i question every word
the regret, the absence
the feelings of absurdity
that stricken me with weakness
that sap me of my pride

it tears, it tears, it punishes
the living who would hide
disease, defeat, the violence
that renders every life
to undo all the suffering
to undo all the hurt
and there is nothing that
i wouldn’t sacrifice
just to save you from the earth

i regret every word said
i regret every word unsaid
i regret every day spent
i regret every day not spent

we’re all alone
i know we’ve always been
did you leave us knowing the ghost
that haunts us here?
did you know that fragments
of you would follow me?
we’re broken down but
the world refuses to see

and the world is out of tune

i feel it in my bones
condemned with regret
we’re left to mourn
for the ones we lost and
the ones we failed to save