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wolf – demons vs angels lyrics


‘demon’-so who’s better the angels or the demons
heres a rose for those who believe their love is true
and for those who need proof….
‘wolf’-for a second there i tried there
i tried to compare
myself with somone who actually cares.
tryin to beat thier love with my despair
are they better jus cuz i wear a (sraight) jaket
and they wear a sweater.
i write poems they write letters.
ive got the devils h-rns
they’ve got angels feathers.
two wings against my tail.
who’s angelic on a greater scale.
who’s demonic and on bail.
demonic to me that’s symbolic
for the alcholic_! who calls it his true love
an angelic? there no such thing
for me to bring into the point of viewing.
i’ve got a promise to never laive but it scare me to
that no matter how much i stay loyal the plan will foil
with all this
toil and pain.
i’ve asked you to c-m.
but you never came.
i’d go after you but then
you’d proably just leave me again.
i can’t handle it.
all the rain and spit
.all the stupid sh-t.
that made you put up a fit.
all those cigerettes you lit.
all the ryhmes i writ.
maybe love should come with a kid/kit.
even then it would make you quit.
you couldnt handle it
so you canceled it.

with a metaphorical clover
the game was over
you cried red rover
attacked my theories
and pholosiphies
twas a fossil free
you asked me
-sum girl said to wolf-
‘its been a while can yo go on.with that sick smile.
it’s sick its vile
it’s haunted the sun-dial..
put it on file it matches yo freestyles
endless and perfect
im friendless and perplexed’
-sum other girl-
‘i’m not sure if i like you
can you prove that i do’
-wolf said to the girl-
‘and i can but i wont
i wont show you if you do
if you dont
-she asked why? wolf said-
cuz it’s not my place to embrace anyone
but be embraced by everyone.
i’ll keep my finger on the trigger,
and my arm wrapped around my moon and my sun.
i’ll keep my eyes on her and rest my voice,
till she makes her choice
i’ll go on, go on, and truthfully i hope that i’ll
never break this bond.
so who’s better?
demons or the angels?
does she love him?
does he love her?
who do you prefer?
bealzibub or lucifer?