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workday release – if only this ship were a plane lyrics


could you talk a little louder?
it’s getting hard to hear
i reckon this noise to be the mirror shattering

and have you finished yet
with all your talk of how you “came to be”

this ship is going down my friend
and scared as i am
i can’t help but think
was my life wasted?

was i asleep waiting for my chance
to show the world that there’s a god who gives a d-mn

would you smile?
if you looked back
fifty years from now
not regretful of what you did
but what you could have done

i’ve wasted too much time on bets and drinks

what little time we have before
i sink to my ocean grave
still i feel that the anchor tied
to my feet weights more

than any ship could ever withhold and stay afloat
oh my god tell me what i must do to cut this rope

wait up wait up i’ll swim back to safety
just to prove that i can be
stronger stronger
or at least i’ll die trying in your company

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